American Fox Hound

About American Fox hound

The American Fox hound were brought to the United States as part of some of the earliest collections hunting dogs in the New World. Foxhounds were bred specifically to spend long hours chasing after prey. This breed is very similar to its British cousin The English Foxhound. Both look a great deal like a big and tall beagle. In fact, other than size, they are very similar in appearance and temperament to the somewhat more familiar black, white and tan beagle.

American Fox Hound

  • Life Span : 1-13 years
  • Color : Black, White & Tan
  • Hair Length : Medium
  • Size : Large
  • Male Height : 22-25 inches (56-64cm)
  • Male Weight : 70-75 pounds (30-34kg)
  • Female Height : 21-24 inches (53-61cm)
  • Female Weigh : 65-70 pounds (29-32kg)

American Foxhounds are wonderful family dogs and their behavior is cheerful. They are also very pack oriented, and will readily calla human family its own and demand daily affection.

The head tends to be long and somewhat domed on top. Their large, floppy ears are carried to the side and tend to frame the face unless angry.

A Fox hound’s tail should be held high and slightly curved upward without actually curling over the top of his or her backside. The coat is well formed and close but also, thick and coarse, for deep woods action.

American Fox hounds with especially soft coats vary from the accepted breed standard and are susceptible to getting bits and bobs stuck in their coat while running through the underbrush.

American Fox hounds are good-natured, low-maintenance hounds who get on well with kids, dogs, even cats, but come with special considerations for prospective owners.

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