Afghan Hound Dog Breed information

The Afghan hound dog belongs to hound Group. Common dogs of this type are about twenty-five to twenty inches, Weigh between fifty and sixty pounds. Life expectancy is between twelve to eighteen years. A distinctive feature of them is the solid silk hair. These animals have an incredible ability to survive in Afghanistan in the cold mountains. There are several other names that are used to describe this dog breed.

  • Kuchi Hound
  • Tāzī
  • Balkh Hound
  • Baluchi Hound
  • Barakzai Hound
  • Shalgar Hound
  • Kabul Hound
  • Galanday Hound
  • African Hound
Afghan hound
Afghan hound

Overview of Afghan hound

They have a charming appearance among all the dogs currently recognized. Afghan Hounds are gigantic and endearing, and are proud of their royal appearance. They may also appreciate humility and deep allegiance as one of these. This species was known in the past because of imagination. They have a thick, silky, flowing coat that adheres to exterior appeal as well as the harsh climate of the Afghan mountains.

Afghan hound Nutrition

Provide high-quality food when feeding your dog. The veterinarian’s advice is that it is prepared at home or produced by a company. You should take care of the dog’s age (puppy, adult, or senior) in preparing food. Occurs from the inherent, thin, rare inheritance of the Afghan hound their protrude hips were not skinny, and they are unique to their breeds. Therefore, keep in mind those Afghan Handy athletes, active dogs, so give your dog sufficient nutrition to meet his needs.

What are the foods that are safe for dogs? Check with your doctor if there is any problem with your dog’s weight or diet. Clean water should always have.

Grooming and Exercise

There is no need for special maintenance for Afghan hound puppies, and they have short furs”monkey whiskers”. They are not waiting for a long time, saying the older dog’s long hair should be grooming daily. Daily glaze shampoo and conditioner can provide a good look. And they have to cut their nails and clean their teeth.

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