Affenpinscher Breed Information

Overview of Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher which is a germen origin compact and sturdy dog. First named as “Zwergaffenpinscher” in 17th Century, means in German “Little Monkey Dog”. Since its curious monkey like expression but now they have been called as Affen. Monkey Dog or Monkey Terrier bred down scale. Origin German but now they are all around the world especially in USA.

Today they are very happy and considered as Fashion Icon or rather we can say “Ladies Companion Dog”. If you are really interested for a terrier like Affen average price is $1000 nowadays.
Affen is active, tough terrier which dispatch and catch rodents. It is likely to bark and also can climb and has a part of stubborn, mischievous and playful as well. Not like other puppies, it is justly good with other pets and as well as dogs. For a family which likes lot of entertainment this one is highly recommended, and which has sense of fun.



It is known to be one of the oldest dog breeds in German dated back to 17th Century. The Affen was first bigger than the dogs we know these days. Ancestral to Affen’s breed are Miniature Schnauzer and Griffon Bruxellois.
These little creatures were first bred and kept as a form of pest control purposes in kitchens and stables back in the day due to its proven effective skills at keeping rat and mice numbers down.
By the late 1800s, the bred was successfully established in Germany especially in southern and managed to get the attraction from the rich and famous, and also they became female’s companion. Later Affen was imported to USA after the Second World War, and now USA has more Affenpinschers than anywhere else in the world combined.


Affen has a characteristic appearance which is often associate with terriers. An Affen generally weight around 6 to 9 pounds and tall around 9 to 12 inches. Affen’s body is fully covered in coarse, wiry hair that may be Grey or Black in color. The fur is quite such long for a mini dog. And has a relatively short tail. The head of Affen is round with a short snout with dark eyes and tiny ears with its trademark Monkey face expressions. The name Affen was given Due to it has notable monkey look alike expression with long beard & eyebrows, In Germany, “Affe” means monkey. Ancestors of the Affenpinscher still can be found in various colors including Red, Brown, Silver and Grey and the size is much larger compared to today’s Affen.

Behavior and Temperament

Other than its natural terrier appearance, Affen is lot different than others, since they are truly part of the sub-group of the “Pinscher Schnauzer”. This means Affenpinscher is loyal, tiny and active but also tend to be well with other pets & dogs. Some of main distinctive characteristics of the Affens are that these are very active, stubborn, curious and adventurous, and also playful and fun loving. To family members, Affen is loving and confident. They feels protective cause of the loyalty shown to family members. This one is highly territorial when it comes to their food and toys, So it is not recommended for a house with small children. Affen is usually a quite one but can be tense if it feels danger or threat, showing no-fear for any invader.

Care and Health

Short walks and indoor games will be able to meet exercise requirement of lively and active Affen. Terrier is passionate to play outside but can’t live outside. Combing 2 or 3 times per weeks is must for rough coat and needs shaping once in three months. Shaping can be done by clipping of stripping. Expected average lifespan for Affen is around 12 to 14 years. More likely to suffer diseases like “Corneal Ulcers” and “Patellar Luxation” which are comparatively minor diseases. Difficulties of respiratory and PDA (Patent ductus arteriosus) and might be seen in the type breed. In order to identify these issues veterinarian can run cardiac tests on Affenpinscher.

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